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Oops, I Did It Again!

Laser tag history has been made ...twice! My second time around laser tagging in all 50 states wrapped up with a finale game at the Ozone Laser Tag in Owensboro, KY. I want to thank all the players who came out and enjoyed this game with me!

This was a memorable night. If you have been following my journey, you might remember that I originally became the first person ever to play laser tag in all 50 states on Laser Tag Day in March of 2019 and nearly five years later I completed this challenge for a second time. Half the states I played this time around were actually visited in the last year.

So I wanted to finish things out in style and I reached out to the owners of Ozone Laser Tag to host. My thanks to Jason and Katie Ebelhar and their niece and nephew, Mackenzie and Brayden, for helping me to celebrate as they offered customers a free game that night during the event.

I was very excited to check out their truly unique facility!

I donned a Cyber Blast pack as I prepared to enter the arena.

Jason gave me a tour of the two-story, 4000 square foot arena that they built inside a former warehouse building.

Talk about a unique location!

By the time we were done with the tour players were starting to arrive to join me for the game that would officially mark Kentucky as my 50th state played during this journey. Everyone put on a pack and got a briefing before the game.

This was a great game! I could tell the players enjoyed trying to take me down, as I heard them call out things like “She’s here taking our base! Get her!”

But it was seriously so much fun! This arena is a great example of one of the homegrown, locally owned sites that are so special to play and Ozone was the perfect location for this game.

And there it is…the game that made it official!

After the game it was time to celebrate with some cake!

Erik Guthrie, curator of the Laser Tag Museum, affirmed that “Laurie Jean Britton is the first person to ever play laser tag in all 50 states of the Union, not once, but twice.” I also got some nice shout outs from a couple other familiar faces as well.

Samantha Newark was in town this weekend, but was occupied with her appearance at the convention center, so we visited earlier in the day instead. Thanks Sam for being so supportive of my laser tag and becoming part of our crazy extended "family" for all these years! It was so nice to spend some time with you while we were both in Owensboro and hope to see you in Phoenix!

All in all, it was a very memorable night of laser tag and I thank everyone at the Ozone Laser Tag in Owensboro, KY for helping me to complete my goal of becoming the first person to laser tag in all 50 states…twice!

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