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Relaunching Tag 4 A Cause to Support Action Against Hunger

The current Tag 4 A Cause laser tag 5K challenge has been underway since the beginning of July, but it seems like a more appropriate time now to relaunch this quarter's Tag 4 A Cause to encourage support for Action Against Hunger between now and the end of September 2022.

This quarter please participate by making a donation to support Action Against Hunger. Donate to the cause, accept the challenge and earn the medal by pledging to laser tag 5K at any laser tag arena. Please also note (especially for those people collecting the various medal designs) that with this relaunch comes a new medal design. The previously promoted medal will be available during next quarter’s challenge, but when you participate and support Action Against Hunger this quarter you will earn this new medal instead.

Please join me in supporting this organization’s important work to fight hunger globally while we continue to Tag 4 A Cause. Find more info at

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