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Saving the Universe (One Challenge at a Time)

My cell phone rang while I was in the middle of a laser tag game. Rather than let it go to voicemail, I answered it by saying “Can’t talk, I’m saving the universe. Can I call you back?” Ok, a little over the top, but we were playing Photon emulation and I was in the zone. :) When the game is played properly it should be immersive enough to take you out of “real life” for a ten minute escape.

However, I like to stack my ten minute escapes back to back into a full night of laser tag and that’s how I prefer to complete my own laser tag 5K challenge each quarter. So this particular night I showed up ready to complete my goal and earn my Tag 4 A Cause medal. You can do it too!

I love hosting successful event nights to help fundraise for the causes I believe in, but this is a reminder that the challenge is on for a full three months. For the final quarter of 2023 Tag 4 A Cause is supporting Special Olympics New York and you can help when you accept the challenge and participate on your own in any laser tag arena, not just during a special event.

Participating in three steps is easy…

  1. Donate directly to Special Olympics New York using the link on the Tag 4 A Cause webpage.

  2. Pledge (on your honor) to laser tag the equivalent of 5K. It’s like participating in a road race, but inside a laser tag arena and you can do it at your own pace over the course of multiple laser tag games. I track my 5K (3.11 miles) on my Fitbit, but you can use any distance tracker on your phone.

  3. Earn the medal. Just submit the form on the Tag 4 A Cause webpage and note your donation receipt number and I will send you a resin medal as my personal thanks for supporting the cause.

This challenge goes all the way through the rest of 2023. Find the full info at Ok, maybe we aren’t “saving the universe”, but I do believe this is a way we can use laser tag to make the world a better place one tag at a time!

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