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Spending International Laser Tag Day at Apex Entertainment

March 28th is International Laser Tag Day! Since 2014 this day has celebrated the anniversary of the day the very first laser tag attraction, Photon, first opened in Dallas, Texas in 1984 as well as giving spotlight to one designated system each year that has made an impact on the industry. However, this year the official poster recognized several of the major laser tag systems instead to promote how “We’re all in this together” as the industry is rebounding from the challenges of the pandemic. Supporting the laser tag operators as they are returning and rebuilding their business is just one more great reason to get into an arena for a game. I was delighted to be hosted this year by the team at Apex Entertainment, so I spent the entire day playing laser tag out at their flagship location in Marlborough, MA.

When you pull up to the Apex Entertainment complex you can’t help but be impressed by the massive size of this FEC facility.

Upon my arrival I met the general manager, Mike Martin, and we set up some of the Laser Tag Day posters throughout the center and at the entrances to both the building and the arena.

As I was setting this one up, I crossed paths with a familiar face behind a mask as another Mike who I know from the Apex Albany location showed up to be there for the weekend. He and game master Nick kept the laser tag games running smoothly all day and it’s always nice to run into people you know!

Apex Entertainment re-opened their laser tag in Marlborough on March 8th after being closed since March 16th of last year. I had tagged at this location prior to the pandemic, but since the last time I played here they have switched over to Laserforce Gen 8 gear.

So you know what that means... “two hands on the phaser.”

Well, I showed up with two well-manicured hands on the phaser because my nail art was on-point and even included a little Photon logo in honor of the day.

Then I took my phaser into the two-story arena to re-familiarize myself with the space. When it’s lit up, this really is a spectacular view from the second level.

And one of the most notable features is the bridge.

So, if you’re going to promote Laser Tag Day, why not shout it from the top of the building?

I gave Tiviachick Laser Tagging America wristbands to the first group I played with that day.

And things just got busier from there. At one point I got to give the briefing right along with the Laserforce video (which I have pretty well committed to memory at this point).

And I had such a great time tagging with a wide variety of groups all day, with everyone of course wearing their masks.

During one of the games something cool happened. I have been taking part in a challenge for the whole month of March to see how many miles I can walk/run/tag and log those miles for the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation Miles For Meaning Team. I achieved my 200th mile this month while playing laser tag at Apex!

I appreciate that since I was there all day they separated out one designated pack for me to use. However, I was also aware of their attention to sanitizing the packs. One group could use a pack from the top rack while the packs on the bottom were being cleaned between games and then reverse that so everyone started out with a freshly sanitized pack before every game, as has become the accepted protocol for laser tag attractions that have re-opened to the public.

Here’s how some of the day went...

I took a break for some quesadillas in the dining area.

I took some time to talk with a few of the staff working in other parts of the center including the events manager, Tye, who told me that laser tag is one of the best attractions they have here and that nearly every birthday party wants to include laser tag. No surprise to hear that!

And then it was back to more games. I stayed for games from the opening of the day to the last game of the night. As we were leaving that final public game I overheard one player saying “That was the most fun I ever had!” That’s how I feel every time I play laser tag too. :)

Once everyone was gone and the place was officially closed for the night we got to do one more special thing. We finished up with a staff game, which was such a great way to end an awesome day!

I want to thank the Apex Entertainment team for hosting me for International Laser Tag Day. So much tag, so much fun!

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