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Starting My Adventure at Adventure Landing

Returning to the recap of my recent tag travels, after leaving Virginia Beach I headed southwest into North Carolina and my first stop the next day was to Adventure Landing in Raleigh.

I knew that this location was using Lazer Runner, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had upgraded to the newest version, which I do not come across all that often. I really think this new version with a more traditional phaser design is a giant step forward for this system and it played very well.

This 5500 square foot, two story maze has a pirate theme that is very well executed with décor all throughout the arena.

It has a really nice, solid build and the maze is incredibly fun to play.

There were lots of targets scattered throughout, some inside base housings and some secured in corners above the maze.

I talked with manager Woody about how impressive I found this arena design and he told me that it was built in 1995 when the site originally opened. It stands out to me because it is unique and not at all “cookie cutter” as I frequently see in FECs like this. I really found this entire experience to be a delightful surprise! It was a great way to start the day and for me Adventure Landing was the mark for my adventure beginning!

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