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Tag 4 A Cause is a Success at Armageddon 2023

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our first Tag 4 A Cause at Armageddon!

The tournament players really demonstrated tremendous generosity with their donations to Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation and helped out a wonderful cause. I want to thank all the participants so much for your support!

When we arrived at The Laser Mill at The Works in Wyomissing, PA for the final portion of the competition I set up a little table space to promote the special challenge to take place during our practice game.

Anyone who donated to the cause received a medal and also had their practice game scores in the running for a special high score trophy.

While the players headed into the arena, I stayed in the lobby and talked with George Raptis on the twitch stream as we watched the practice round on the monitors along with the viewing audience.

Above us the action could be seen through the observation window as well.

As soon as the final game score flashed on the scoreboard we had a new high score winner!

Congratulations to Chris “Cookie” Cook for winning the Tag 4 A Cause high score trophy! He earned a top score in our special game of 54,980!

I was delighted to present Cookie with his award and celebrate the success of holding a Tag 4 A Cause challenge at this event.

The next day I received a weekend total from the Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation. Armageddon players alone raised over $534 for them this weekend through Tag 4 A Cause! Thank you again to all the participants for your generosity and for showing that laser tag can be a vehicle for making a positive difference while we enjoy fun, fitness and fundraising!

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