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Tagging Into The New Year with Reflections From 2021

For me New Year’s Eve is both a time to plan ahead and reflect on the past year. As I’m looking towards what is to come in 2022 I am preparing to launch the next Tag 4 A Cause quarterly 5K challenge by completing the new medal design.

I am also baking after-Christmas cookies to ring in the new year!

I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the good things that have happened during this past year by once again bringing you my annual list of my personal top ten laser tag highlights from 2021.

1. The Tivia avatar

The moment I saw the Tivia avatar (aka Valkyrie) was a BIG one! Getting a response from Laserforce assuring me it was no coincidence, but a specially included “Easter egg” told me everything I needed to know!

2. Speaking at the Laser Tag Convention

This was a privilege to be able to speak about some of the unique laser tag arenas I have visited during my travels. I am delighted to share that I will be presenting an Operator Session at next year’s Laser Tag Convention as well.

3. Playing EXO with the system’s inventor

On my last visit to California I was joined by Laser Tag Museum curator Erik Guthrie for a tour and game experience at LaserLand, (at that time) the only EXO location in the USA with EXO creator Petr Putkoff from Russia.

4. Tournament for Children’s Miracle Network

Coaching some young female players and taking a first round victory against the big, burly CrossFit trainer and his team from the local CrossFit gym was like a David vs Goliath moment. We didn’t win the tourney, but in that one moment it sure felt like it!

5. Growing Tag 4 A Cause across the country (and internationally)

At the end of last year I was skeptical as to whether Tag 4 A Cause would gain enough support to be successful. However, in the last year we were able to raise several thousand dollars (total) for the causes we worked with. I am appreciative of all the arenas that have allowed me to host events from New York to Colorado and several states in between. My appearance on the Resupply podcast even resulted in Tag 4 A Cause receiving international support from some players in the Czech Republic!

6. Victory with a Barracuda

One of the more unique events I participated in this year was a tournament at a county fair in Kentucky where I won a paintball trophy for my victory tagging with an iCOMBAT Barracuda.

7. Returning to Mission Control to play some LQ

After LQ Versent closed down all their arenas in North America I figured it would be a long time before I had a chance to play this system again. However, I had my chance on more than one occasion this year at Laser Zone Canton.

8. Acquiring Infusion…and a few others

Adding a few working Zone Infusion packs to my collection was a cool thing that happened even before I acquired a full set of Nexus packs and even a couple Laser Quest packs to round out my “mini-museum” collection. I even got to add a LaserTrooper phaser (shell) in the form of a custom trophy that was sent to me.

9. Having a pack named after me

There is a Tivia pack on the rack at one of my local arenas, right alongside the default pack names you see everywhere. Naming a pack for me was proposed by the Apex Albany staff members after I played against their entire staff and won. It makes my heart happy every time I walk in and see it!

10. Playing my 350th arena

My current arena count sits at 397 and I would actually be at 400 laser tag arenas by now, except that I really want my next milestone number to happen when my friend Aztec opens his own arena, Kynytyx. So for now I’ll celebrate my last milestone of 2021 at 350 and I will look forward to playing some tag at number 400 in the new year!

So there are my top ten laser tag highlights of 2021. I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and look forward to many more laser tag adventures in 2022!

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