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Tagging to 25 Miles and Donating My Hustle

I completed 25 miles of laser tag last night. It was the cumulative total of tracking my distance over six nights of laser tag and approximately 65 games. Achieving this in the arena simultaneously got me to 100 total miles logged for the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation Miles for Meaning Team, which gives my goal a little more purpose as well.

I kept a running tally tracking my distance during each game on either my Fitbit or the Nike Run Club phone app. Why? Two reasons. First, this is modeling an example of how to approach Tag 4 A Cause, which I am delighted to say will be returning this spring! I have confirmed the next host arena and will be announcing the details including the next charity cause within the next few weeks. For Tag 4 A Cause all you have to do is donate to the designated charity, laser tag 5 kilometers (5K or 3.1 miles can be done in roughly 8-12 games) and claim your victory medal. By the way, here is a sneak peek of the medal design you can earn by participating in the next Tag 4 A Cause event.

Check back later this spring for all the info about this.

My other more immediate purpose is to keep racking up miles for my team. I am part of a team representing the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation in a Kilter challenge called Miles for Meaning. While there is ongoing fundraising going on for each participating cause, at the end of the month of March the charity whose team has logged the most total points for their miles will receive $25,000 to benefit their cause. So getting to 100 miles was exciting because I earned 100 points per mile, making me the first on my team to mark that accomplishment.

Call me a “goal digger” because I am going to give it my all to put in at least 200 miles this month for my team (which will include running and walking, but also a good chunk of my miles will be earned in the laser tag arena). That’s why it was awesome to have had my initial goals come together during the same game of laser tag so I can say I achieved both objectives before leaving the arena last night. I am so pleased to be able to #DonateYourHustle for a great cause!

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