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The Guys vs The Girls (Guess How This Turned Out!)

I ended my trip with a final stop at Spare Time in Greenville, SC. This location was about a two and a half hour drive from my last stop in Georgia, so when I arrived just after midnight I was lucky to land in one of the final games of the night with an awesome group who were throwing down a challenge before we even got into the arena.

About a dozen players entered the briefing room and eight of them (all the other ladies) were putting on red vests while the three guys all put on blue. I picked up a blue vest just to even out the numbers when players on the red team said “join us, it’s gonna be the guys vs the girls!” Those guys looked pretty confident in their chances. I asked “are you sure that’s what you want to do?” OK, time to teach a bit about evening the odds.

The red team was brought into the arena first. I told the group that because there were more of us to be targets that the guys had more potential points to go after, so our best defense was to constantly keep their packs down by tagging in squads. I also tried to teach them how to destroy a base. Not everyone grasped that part, but they all took to the squad strategy like fish to water. Ok, game time!

We started on the far end of the arena. I have seen this theming elsewhere, but I must say, here it really popped!

Those poor guys were not expecting the melee that ensued. I did more than my share of keeping their packs down, but also enjoyed seeing these young women get a taste of laser tag success. It was definitely a frenzy kind of game, but so much fun! And we did remind the guys that “you asked for it!” When I started this trip I had expected to be flying home by way of Atlanta, so switching my plans to fly out of Greenville was a last minute decision, but it worked out for the bast because this was a fabulous way to wrap up the trip with fun galore playing girls vs guys!

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