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The Mini-Experience

If I had been looking to spend the day at a mini-amusement park I would have found plenty to do at Fiesta Village Family Fun Park in Colton, CA. However, since I was only looking to play laser tag I had only a fraction of the experience of what this place had to offer. I actually usually skip the arenas that are located inside big amusement parks because it’s generally more hassle to get in and out for just one attraction. However, the Orange Julius sign lured me in (as they have smoothies and a DQ right at the front entrance) so I went in and got to play a little more Lazer Runner.

Laser tag is in fact a small part of the big, mostly outdoor complex and I am not doing it the best service to gloss over all the other activities they offer, but I do tend to get tunnel vision for tag. This place looks and functions more like a small amusement park, which I reiterate mostly to frame the context of this site. Sometimes a rose is just a rose and an arena is just an arena.

I bought my ticket in one building and had to walk across the grounds to get to another where I found their arena, which they call their Lazer Odyssey. This was exactly what you would expect to see in this setting. The tag was a more typical Lazer Runner experience taking place inside a neon airbrushed arena with two “rooms” and a base in the corner that went basically ignored.

The one thing I took note of as being a bit interesting was this one base located high above the arena where I’m sure nobody else even saw it. I wondered why the decision was made to put it here?

For the amusement park patron this is fine. They kept the game atmosphere running non-stop and just cycled in groups for five minute intervals, so the indicators of starting and stoping were from the vest. Mine had a problem and had to be switched out, so I had about a minute more time before my vest timed out, so I was the last one out (as I would have been anyway…gotta get my selfie!), but because there was no other indicator it seemed like the game just kept on going.

I left thinking that it was a mini-experience as a five minute game barely feels like you’ve played. And yet sometimes you can get all you need to out of just a sample of what a site has to offer. Time to get my smoothie now!

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