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Tilting Into Illinois

After an amazing few days in Minneapolis playing laser tag and hanging out with friends I haven’t seen since before the pandemic, it was time to head for home…almost.

Actually, it was time to head for Chicago, as I would be flying home from O’Hare, but not until after I had a few more laser tag adventures on the road trip to get me back to the airport.

My first stop while driving through Illinois was to Tilted 10 in Rockford. This is similar to a Tilt Studio, but with food, drinks and bowling they have really amped it up!

Their laser tag arena took it up a notch as well. I appreciate that Ashley helped to facilitate a game for me with a group that had just finished playing a round of tag and were ready to go back for more.

Game marshal Seth was a character! This center was built inside an old Sears warehouse about three years ago and Seth gave me fair warning, saying “It’s VERY big back there, around 2000 square feet!” I smiled at that and told him I have played arenas over 13,000 square feet. The actual size is somewhere in between, much larger than he estimated and a really nicely done double level arena with some awesome theming. When you walk in the first thing you see is Kevin, the animatronic T-Rex.

From there you proceed through and encounter jungle animals and other creatures throughout the neon forest.

There were several “rooms” on the bottom level.

And the upper level half perimeter was lined with targets on the bottom edge.

The design is intriguing to me. I would not look at this and think CW, except for the familiar structure in the center.

I don’t know who designed this arena, but it was VERY interesting and completely unique.

This one was definitely a memorable experience! And it’s also a great example of why I decided to do a road trip before making my return home. You never know what you might encounter along the way!

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