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Toad’s for Tag

Toad’s Fun Zone in Ogden, UT may indeed just be the best laser tag in Northern Utah.

Thank say this not just based on my own opinion, but because from what I experienced this trip I wholeheartedly agree with the honor that this arena received from a local reader’s choice contest (as shared with me by the staff).

Start to finish, this was an EXCELLENT experience! I showed up at a great time because there were some experienced regulars there, ready to play hard and bring their best to the game. This meant I got a good challenge where I was able to pull out some Laser Master skills myself.

I took a few pics of posters found inside the entry “cave” before going in.

Toad’s Fun Zone is running Laserforce Gen 8 and the experience was top notch. Everything was smooth going into this really nice two story arena with a build and layout that played really well.

Most of the game played out on the upper level, which was large enough to give ample room to move and cover where needed. And, while the aesthetic was cool and uncommon, there were still a few familiar CW hallmarks.

On touch I like to see in an arena is ramps lined with lights. I think it is both a good extra safety feature and a nice look.

Following my game I let the staff know that based on my experiences this night (as well as all my other stops in the area this trip) I agreed with the vote naming them Best Laser Tag in Northern Utah. Toad’s Fun Zone is now high on my list of places I would love to play again!

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