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Turn for the Tactical

When I arrived at Team Tactics in Woodbridge, VA I was definitely impressed with the atmosphere. The lobby was active and the snack calling to me as I waited for my group to be called into a game. Briefing happened by video right out front in the lobby in order to maximize time as several games rotated through the arenas we would soon be entering. I was intrigued when I heard they have three separately themed arenas here, but what interested me more was what I discovered when I walked into the vesting room.

What is this?! I had inquired when I called ahead about what kind of tag equipment they were operating. The manager did not know the manufacturer (which is not all that uncommon), but when I saw it, neither did I! I have never seen this particular tactical line before. There were several styles of tagger to choose from and I immediately gravitated towards this shotgun style because it was so different.

There were other models on the armory racks that players could select from. Each was engraved with an individual name (and it was interesting to note all the names I saw were female…Nicole, Shelby, Tina, etc.).

I was excited to try this gear because I knew whatever it was it would be a new experience for me to try out a tactical system with which I was completely unfamiliar.

So, I pulled out a vest from the tan rack and got ready to go in for a game.

With this system we were instructed that the bottom button was the reload and the top was for stats. The first tagger I took in did not have sound operating, which is a HUGE disadvantage, so I quickly swapped it out for another. Once I could hear it and I got a sense of the timing rhythm it became much easier to play. It was one hit then reload between individual tags and I was the last player standing on my team.

I was told before entering that the three themed arenas can be played together when opened up or separately. My game was played with the forest and warehouse themes opened together to make a larger playing field.

When the game was over I was given a tour of the auto body arena as well.

This is an awesome site that opened about four years ago. I was impressed with the game experience I had and the t-shirt I took home.

However, as I left I found my curiosity about the system and its manufacturer was growing. I pulled into the frozen yogurt shop in the plaza across the way and took a moment to put the question out to my tactical tag friends. It was Jason Bock who came up with the answer. The gear I had played were HT taggers, part of the line of HI-TECH Laser Tag Equipment made by HI-TECH Electronic Assemblies in Iowa. Interesting! And with that mystery solved and another system experienced I headed off for one more laser tag experience before starting night two of the tournament. My thanks to Team Tactics for an awesome turn for the tactical!

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