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Walking (and Tagging) in Memphis

This past weekend I was bound for the Midwest and found myself Walking in Memphis (and singing the song in my head the whole way) until I got to Main Event where I took some time to go Tagging in Memphis instead!

Last week I played at Main Event in West Chester, OH as well and at this point I’m just trying to see how many times I can take these same three photos in the exact same positions at all the Main Event locations I visit.

Normally I just jump into a public game and play it lightly, but this time I showed up at the start of the day and they were kind enough to let me do a 1v1 with a staff member instead. I liked that idea because I figured he would know how to play and we could make the game a little more interesting. Poor guy, that was not the case. About a minute into the game it was obvious that this staff member was not ready for the same game that I was, so we played it out for awhile, but then before it was over I had mercy and just told him “we’re good” and asked him to snap a couple pics for me.

And this situation is really not any comment on the overall experience that Main Event provides. They just are a very specific type of entertainment site, with everything quite consistent across the board, and a player like me will not likely find any intense gameplay happening in their arenas. That’s fine. Arenas like this serve a different purpose and can still be a lot of fun for the public audience they attract. I’m still glad I got to start my day out tagging in Memphis!

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