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Where the Wild Fun is Found

I continued to my next destination, Wild Fun Zone in Wisconsin Dells, WI to discover that this is the big touristy part of the state with attractions in the style of one big midway through town. I figured if this alien was defending himself with Lazer Runner I would get into the game as well!

Staff member Philip joined me for a round and we put on the new Lazer Runner packs.

He led me down a staircase to the arena area underneath where I found a forest of black light painted trees, stalactites and stalagmites with alien creatures painted sporadically through the two “rooms” of the arena.

I wish I could say this game played out better, but I had a pack with some obvious issues that was only tagging intermittently at best. Well, what can you do other than just enjoy the experience and the ambience.

Still, it was an enjoyable game and a very unique arena.

This stop also gave me a chance to explore the area and enjoy some of the touristy attractions that are a big part of Wisconsin Dells, so one more reason to be glad I got to tag at Wild Fun Zone.

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