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Yeah, It’s Amazing!

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Shane from Delta Strike about arenas that I might want to visit. He suggested that when I next find myself in Nebraska I should check out The Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha, noting that they are operating with Genesis. What’s “amazing” about that is I didn’t even have a Nebraska trip on my radar at that moment, but fast forward just a few weeks and this is exactly where I found myself, ready for pizza and laser tag!

I joined a group of players and waited outside the arena for our game to be called. I was taking note of the cool signage at the entryway.

Meanwhile, the other players were taking note of my “Just A Girl Who Loves Laser Tag” shirt and speculating about how serious I might be about laser tag. Fair question, lol!

We entered the vesting room and put on our Genesis packs. My pack was named Maha.

Then the group decided to play a team game. However, there was an uneven number of players, so one overly confident guy announced that he wanted to play solo against the entire group. Every so often I find myself in a game situation where someone tries to do this. Let it be understood, this is absolutely not the way to structure a balanced game, but among this group of friends nobody seemed to have an issue with it. Most people don’t think about the mathematical imbalance favoring the solo player. However, I knew what was about to happen, so I spoke up and volunteered to join him. Now, this was not going to change the uneven teams, but what it was going to do was put me on a level playing field with the solo guy and give him a run for his money for top score. We both switched our packs to green. This could be interesting! :)

We walked into the arena, a single level Creative Works design.

And when the game began I played for real, which made this the most fun I’d had so far in Nebraska! The other players were really into the game as well and it was an absolute blast to play with this group, especially since the other guy (playing as Betta) was really putting up some effort.

I chatted with game marshal Theo while I was tagging the other players. I appreciated his complimentary comments, most memorable being “you are like a living cheat code!” I texted that one back to my Armageddon teammates before I left the building. :)

We finished the game and I knew instinctively that I had achieved my goal.

This was confirmed by the scoreboard.

This was fun all the way around. The other teams were happy with the game, as got the team win, but I was equally happy with my personal performance because I took the top score and proved myself in a system I don’t get to play often against my worthy teammate/primary opponent. So, it was a great time for everyone.

The shirt I was wearing might have gotten some attention going into the arena, but the one I took home as a souvenir tells the story of this laser tag experience.

Yeah, it was amazing and the Amazing Pizza Machine lived up to its name!

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