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Then and Now

In a way it's like a fresh start. I didn't even bother to write anything about league last week because it was barely worth talking about. But this week, for the first time, we had a full team and it's the team I would choose to play with any day. I was reminded of when I first started playing laser tag with some of these guys. It's cool to think back on when we first started playing tag together (when doing tournaments and such was just a kernel of an idea) to where we have gotten to along the way with growth, improved skills, several tournament experiences under our belt and new additions to our tag family. This is the Jim Jim Squad, then and now...



As for how the squad held up in the league...well, Tyler injured his hand at work so he was pretty much out after the first game. I think the rest of us gained some insight (and an ego check) from playing the Z game in a Force arena. For me it was a good reminder of the stuff we have let go of practicing since it isn't relevant in our home arena. Since our standings are moot at this point I viewed it as a good opportunity for some different experience. I think I know what things we need to work on before July. We also had a chance to play a couple of rounds of SM5, which will be relevant again even sooner. This was the first night in awhile that the league was thoroughly enjoyable and seemed to be beneficial as well. Plus, it was great to have a team properly assembled again. Thanks guys!

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