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New York: Something Different, A Total Cyberblast

Before heading back we made one final stop at an arena on the far edge of New York that I had never before had an occasion to visit. Throngs of people were out for the fireworks displays in the Lake George area we made and we pulled in to a very busy place, the Adventure Racing Family Fun Center in Queensbury, NY. They had a lot going on there besides laser tag and a game was already in progress so we sat in a deceptively tiny briefing room waiting for the next game.

This center plays Cyber Blast. I must say, my Blast experience is rather limited, but up until now I had only experienced Hyper Blast and Zeta Blast. Cyber Blast was something different. The explanation of the game was predominantly focused on the capabilities of the phaser, which has a sensor near the front that allows you to utilize three shields, three photon blasters and 20 rapid fire shots in addition to unlimited regular shots.

We suited up and got ready in the vesting room.

The vests were different from the other Blast vests I had experienced before. I love trying something new!

I have trouble at this point forming a solid opinion on this game. Although I really enjoyed playing, I didn't find myself strategically utilizing the modes at my disposal. Instead, I found myself accidentally triggering the sensor whenever my hand came near it even when I didn't intend to. So for most of the game I tried to just use regular shots and didn't explore the intricacies of what could make this a really interesting game. I think I need a little more time with this system to be able to play it properly. However, I can speak better to the thing that impressed me the most...the arena itself! Now, this place has a pretty small footprint, but the arena climbs to a second level with a much wider space on top that must have extended over the briefing room. I wanted to explore the entire arena on both levels, but I just really loved how this space was put together. Probably especially because of its small size.

I guess the theme of this weekend is that I love an interesting arena and I'm glad to be able to play laser tag in a variety of systems, formats and spaces. Since this place is not ridiculously far from where I live I may have to pay a return visit sometime soon and work on my Blast skills. So glad I got to include my home state on this really fun laser tag weekend.

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