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Rhode Island: Arena This Way

When we arrived at CW Lanes and Games in Lincoln, RI I was expecting it to be an average mall attraction with bowling and laser tag sort of lumped together. However, I was wrong. I was really impressed and would describe this place more as a really nice all ages entertainment center with a lean towards an adult clientele courtesy of the sports bar and grill. It was a showplace facility that reminded me a lot of the new Lasertron facility in Rochester.

They were running Zone and I slipped yet another Nexus pack over my shoulders before entering a really great arena. It was a single level with a lot of space themed to look like distressed city streets in the alleys outside of a bank robbery scene. Each of the bases were tucked away under signs that read "bank customer parking only" so clearly when you tagged the base it was equal to "robbing the bank". In spite of the distressed-look styling this arena looked like it was brand new and the space was in pristine condition. I thought the art on the walls was really cool and the decorative touches including the car and the road construction elements were something original that I haven't seen in other arenas.

But more important than the aesthetics, this arena was incredibly playable. It made a great use of the space and felt larger than it probably was, though this was a big enough location to make for a good quality game. It had lot of alcoves with nicely placed cutouts and a good flow.

And of course I loved that it was my favorite format just freshened up by the novelty of getting to play somewhere new. The best part of this experience is getting to enjoy the games I love in brand new spaces. Had a great time here!

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