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Kentucky: Lazer Blaze and the Laser Tag Museum

Oh my goodness, there was too much awesomeness to this stop that I can't do it proper justice without a completely separate post dedicated to the museum! However, in the meantime I would love to tell you about the most incredible stop of my trip. I went to Lazer Blaze in Louisville, KY where I was greeted upon arrival by Erik Guthrie, curator of the museum and Vice President of Zone Laser Tag US. He's a great guy who I have interviewed before and he was kind enough to make a two hour drive to come to Louisville and give me a guided tour of the museum collection, as the entryway to Lazer Blaze is home to the display for the Laser Tag Museum (

Erik gave me a tour of Lazer Blaze and we went in for a game. What was incredible about the game (besides the fact that I was playing Zone laser tag with the VP of Zone Laser cool is that?) was the arena itself. We were playing on the last original Photon field in existence.

That made my Photon heart so happy! It was a great time playing. Erik took the opportunity to teach the game to a younger player we had teamed with and I took the time to explore and enjoy the experience for all it was worth. I played as Hawkeye and had a great time.

And they hooked me up with a Lazer Blaze temporary tattoo for my tag swag collection. :)

Then we took a thorough tour of the museum collection. I will be posting a video in the near future to share the virtual experience of being there and getting a first-hand look at all that history. However, I was fortunate enough to be able to hold some real rarities in my own hands.

This is the number three gun ever manufactured by Zone laser tag, which was a gift to Brad Parks in Australia who was generous enough to let the museum acquire it. The first several guns were gifted to the beta testers of Zone laser tag and this was the third one ever made. Amazing!

And this little (or big) beauty is the fabled Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag black Starlight Rifle!

They also have the white starlight on display too (as featured in this year's International Laser Tag Day poster) and they both still work. :)

And to wrap up the night I took a pic with Erik in the arena.

Big thanks to Erik Guthrie for a personal tour of what is an amazing collection documenting the history of laser tag. There will be lots more photos and details about this posted shortly once I can properly assemble them to do justice to this outstanding collection. This was the highlight of my trip!

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