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Recap and Reflections

Before driving the last hour home I decided to stop by my home Laserforce center in Syracuse to check in on the Nats.

The Laserforce Internationals are taking place and I wanted to cheer on my friends with a show of support. I had to smile at the humorous t-shirts being worn by the Syracuse C team. The front says "Who plays tag?" The back...

And it gave me a moment to share some of my experiences from this week and reflect on the previous seven days. These are by far the top ten most memorable moments from my midwest laser tag adventure.

1. Playing Zone laser tag with the Vice President of Zone Laser Tag US

2. Playing that same game on the last remaining original Photon field in existence

3. Holding the third phaser ever made by Zone laser tag (one of the first ever that was gifted to their beta testers)

4. Being able to play LaserTrek for the first and probably last time

5. Getting to take a guided tour of the Laser Tag Museum and hear some amazing history

6. Playing in 15 laser tag arenas across seven states bringing my arena total up to 56

7. Playing in the semifinals of Battle For The Fort and being on a team that placed above expectations

8. Experiencing System T for the very first time

9. Playing in the World's Largest Laser Tag Arena in Belleville, IL

10. (and this is really number one to me, but I wanted to end on this note...) Sharing this experience with my laser tag family on Team Ascendance

I couldn't have asked for a more remarkable week. And now it's time to recover from it all! :)

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