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Tagging at the Castle

When I pulled into the parking lot of Castle Laser Tag in Bowie, MD there was a group hanging outside and I hoped they would be joining in the game...this guy wasn't one of them!

At first there were seven of us who entered the briefing room before vesting up with Helios Pro packs and deciding that free for all was the way to go.

However moments later another group double this size joined us and teams formed, which set the scene for a really enjoyable tag experience. Kim called me over and said "you're on our team" and I was happy to join them. The teams were a little unbalanced in numbers, but I definitely wasn't sweating that.

The arena was a pretty good size space with double level stations on each side. I found a sweet spot for sniping right away. I got to play hard against a good sized group and the whole game felt great. At the end of the game we went out front and checked out the scores. One of the guys on my team "you legit held it for our team" and I smiled when I saw the margin by which I took the top score.

I had a great time at the Castle. Excellent equipment to play in an impressive arena. I'd be up for this again for sure!

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