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The Lazer Factory

I had a really great time playing at The Lazer Factory, a family owned business in Annville, PA. The son, Riley, agreed to play a one on one and I had a feeling this would be good. After all, we were playing Zone. I asked him if he was any good and he told me that he used to play a lot, but there was never anyone competitive around to play against...enter Tiv. :)

I had a feeling this would be a good opportunity for another competitive game...and I was right!

The arena has two levels. The upstairs is accessible by one ramp.

The rest of the arena was decorated in an apocolyptic theme with a good balance of neon and structure with barrels, "brick wall" barriers creating a maze space with both flow and some decent playability.

Riley was fun to play against because he really was quite competitive. I'm not sure he expected that from me as I had not mentioned my background at that point, however he shared a bit about the business. Apparently they had previously been in another location and when they moved here and reassembled the walls the arena changed a bit. And I appreciated that he gave me suggestions for other places to visit and he went out of his way to find me some tag swag.

Thanks to the Lazer Factory for a great experience!

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