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Starting the Party

This weekend I got to play party host to about 70+ friends from out of state as we had a weekend long celebration in Albany. For the ones who came in a night early I wanted to showcase some of my favorite things to do in the city. So of course I took them out to play some laser tag at Zero Gravity!

Besides being a chance for us all to catch up and chill before things really got underway on Friday, it was also a final opportunity for me to play some Infusion. You see, next week Zero Gravity is upgrading to Helios Pro! I will certainly miss Infusion because it is the laser tag that I cut my teeth on years ago, but I do look forward to having the latest Zone equipment right in my backyard to get practice for tournaments and join in with a new player base that I am certain will develop as they begin setting up memberships and events. The only problem I see is how to balance my time between all my favorite laser tag facilities! Seriously though, I am really glad they are taking this step. And I'm also glad I had time to enjoy a final few rounds alongside my friends.

So thanks to Zero Gravity for hosting us and giving us a party room where we could chill and socialize during our outrageous time out in Albany!

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