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Armageddon Day 4

By this point in the tournament we knew that the Force results were not going to change the order, so there was no particular pressure for anything to happen but fun with this system. So, it was back to Syracuse for the final day of Armageddon 2019.

A few games of SM5 are way more tiring by Day 4, but we powered through.

We started out with a win right out of the gate. That was a nice start to this system. However, the next game was a heartbreaker lost by the narrowest margin of only 300 points. Sigh...

The tournament t-shirts had arrived by the end so we all took our souvenirs and got ready to go home and rest.

I want to sincerely thank RNT for organizing this and Kelly for all her hard work with the scorekeeping. There's a lot to keep track of here. Also, some shout outs to my team...

Wil - Thanks for captaining this ship and inviting me to the party. It was great to play another Armageddon with you and I hope we get to do it again.

Emily - So glad to meet another woman with a passion for laser tag. Your enthusiasm for this game is awesome and I love the way you're already planning ahead for more. Maybe we can play some Tron next time I'm in Buffalo.

Cecily - You are such a fierce competitor with a wicked sense of humor! It was a pleasure to be on your team this time around...and equally a pleasure to watch you demolish in Tron in spite of an injured ankle.

Scuba Steve - So great to see you again! Let's definitely try to tag in Texas. You have some amazing experience to draw on and made the trip a lot of fun. Plus, I now feel very educated about salt. Good luck with growing that business!

Jerome - I'm really glad you joined us. You've got a ton of skill that clearly translated across all the systems. Hope you can find more tag opportunities in your new hometown, but always great to tag with you in 'cuse. Glad this gave you a reason to come back home.

Dave Hatt - Your Storm twirls are epic! I'm sure there's a better name for that move, but regardless it was very cool to watch you do your thing. How nice to have you showing us how to roll with this system that is always a bit of a challenge for the rest of us. Maybe we can play in a divided arena sometime.

Dave Merriott - Sorry I didn't immediately realize we had two Daves! But I'm so glad we did because it was awesome to meet you. You taught me a few things about Quest, but above all I love that we just had fun no matter what!

Dallas - You bring a wealth of experience to the party and it was great to play on your team...even when we had no idea if/when to take you seriously! Thanks for being part of it all.

Congratulations to all the teams, particularly $hots for their first place win, FSA in second and Storm-anators in third. Everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with you through this long, exhausting and crazy event called Armageddon 2019.

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