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Player Perspectives on Laserforce’s New Game, Redline

When new laser tag game formats are released it is always great fun to get together with friends and try them out. I recently had the chance to play a couple of games with a group of players that really enjoyed taking on some new challenges, especially while playing one of the latest Laserforce games called Redline.

This is a single hit game where it takes nine shots to destroy a base or beacon. For the first eight shots you gain 100 points, but on the ninth shot (for whomever happens to be the one to hit it) you lose 999 points and you can no longer target that base for the remainder of the game. So, the goal is to get the most points on the first eight shots without actually destroying the base…just leave that “privilege” for someone else. The players seemed to have the most fun watching that scenario play out during the game.

Laserforce player Damon Brundige says “Red Line is super-fun. What’s nice about it is you can go in there with a group of friends, shoot the base to the point where it’s about ready to be deactivated then let your friends shoot it and they’ll lose points. It was hilarious watching our friends lose the points because they were always the ninth shot to get the bases!”

Another player, Alex Flood, made an astute observation to help identify which bases were close to being ready to accept that ninth shot. He noted that “the faster the lights are rotating or flashing indicates how much health it has. So, if it has low health, the faster and more active the lights will be. I love it! It’s fun!”

I also found this to be a uniquely enjoyable challenge. I’ll admit I hit the base on the ninth shot more often than I would have liked, but it did add a completely new twist to the game. For players who would prefer options with a little less of an element of surprise, the beacons gave a more accurate indication because they were set up to show the number of shots already taken. Some might see that as reducing some of the mystery, but I think it’s smart to have an option that adds balance for less experienced players to use as a measurement while they are getting acclimated to the new challenges this game format presents. Overall, I would say the player reaction that I observed during Redline was excellent and I am looking forward to playing this game again!

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