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And the Award for the Best T-Shirt Goes To…

Lazer Kraze in Mainesville, OH was a last minute addition to my itinerary. When I ended up driving to Ohio instead of flying it meant revising my original plan a bit. I’m glad I got to experience this site, if for no other reason because this may now be my favorite tag t-shirt.

The two level arena is decked out in dayglo colors for a bright, almost 90s style decor.

I always enjoy getting to play Zone Nexus because it is my favorite style of phaser.

I don’t get to all that often (which is ironic for me to say since I did just recently purchase this same system for my own collection), but playing in an arena like this was a little different.

There were bases in all four corners of the lower level.

The bases are what stuck out to me most about this experience, specifically the settings. I was a little surprised to realize the bases had been set so that they could be deactivated five, maybe six times each. Well, some anyhow…there was one base that confused me because I am certain I destroyed that particular base once, but then it never reset. Being able to tag the bases so many times was a little different than what I typically expect, but it also added a different kind of element to the game since I spent most of my time taking laps around the lower level instead of focusing on player tags. It was a little different, but definitely an enjoyable game and a great staff there who were incredibly helpful. Lazer Kraze, I’ll be back!

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