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Friends in Zone Places

One of the best things about playing laser tag all over the country is the great people I have met along the way. On my last trip to California a few years ago I met some wonderful guys and hardcore Zone enthusiasts including “General Nicolas, grand master of Infusion” (who couldn’t join us last night, but shout out to him anyway), Noah, Ricky and Josef. I guess you can say I’ve got friends in Zone places (pause for the groan for my terrible pun)!

Well, when Josef heard I was coming back to California for the weekend he was kind enough to coordinate a group for some specially arranged AYCP time at Infuzion Zone in Chino Hills, CA.

It was great to play some Helios Pro again since I no longer have nearby options to enjoy this system back in NY. And it was also exciting to check out an arena I had not been to before. The staff at Infuzion Zone were really accommodating and made sure we had a full night with plenty of games.

The arena had a very familiar CW aesthetic with a raised platform area on one end with a short flight of stairs, which I am always cautious about.

The focal point in the center is the skyscraper type building structure, which serves as a practical addition in this case because it also works as an additional barrier.

We played some standard games with the public and once it was just our group we moved into some eight life elimination games.

I rarely get to play this format, but these guys are tournament players who run these games a lot and it’s always fun to play with experience. It made for a great night!

I also met some new people including Doug (a former Photon warrior) and Kevin as well as Noah’s girlfriend Miranda, so it was a nice social night as well.

My thanks to Josef for putting it all together!

And also big thanks to Infuzion Zone for the accommodations and the staff who were so great to us all night. I had a blast and would love to return next time I’m on the west coast!

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