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OK, I'll Be The First To Review...TAGGED (The Movie)

A couple of weeks ago a very “under the radar” video came to my attention (thank you to Jabber for sharing with the class). It’s a low-budget, quasi-movie called “Tagged” (from 2011, available on Amazon Prime if anyone is interested). Admittedly, this will only hold appeal for a very select kind viewership, but there are a few things about this movie that are worth taking a look at anyway. And since as of yet nobody has posted any feedback about this movie on Amazon, I’ll take this opportunity and be the first to give it a review here.

First, I’m not going to knock this movie for what is simply self-evident about it. It will immediately be apparent that this is a low-budget, amateur film with a marginal plot and probably local actors who are doing their best. However, I still respect that someone had a creative vision that included a heavy emphasis on laser tag, so kudos for that. I am taking time to share it here because there is definitely something of value running throughout the project and that is the inadvertent documenting of a couple of laser tag sites that are no longer around. Specifically, Q-Zar Tampa and Xtreme Adventures Fun Center in Lutz, FL that have both since closed down. Also prominently featured in the movie is Xtreme Fun Center in Largo, FL which thankfully is still in operation.

Let me give you a synopsis of the plot...

For teenager Trixie’s entire life, her mentally-ill mother has been raising her to believe stories about intergalactic wars and as a result Trixie has been brainwashed into thinking she is really an alien princess. Believing the stories to be true “Princess Trixie” has become a top laser tag player who is now recruiting other players to train using laser tag to become her team of bodyguards and together they enter a laser tag tournament.

Given my inexplicable love of the Photon TV series it should not be a surprise that on paper I was drawn in by the premise. I’m all about the idea of a laser tag playing alien princess. However, the delivery came off a little lacking. First, it is not clear from the start WHY the lead character (Princess Trixie played by Elizabeth Edwards) is being a Bossy B. It just appears that she is a really good laser tag player with an ego the size of Montana (and let’s be real, that’s nothing new in the world of laser tag). The story is not quite tight enough to ever be really cohesive, but her display of attitude is certainly relatable enough.

The real reason I stuck with this movie was nostalgia. Two of the three laser tag arenas featured in the filming are the final two places I visited during my last trip to Florida. After IAAPA 2019 was over I drove to Tampa to meet up with my friend Tracee and we spent the day visiting Q-Zar and Xtreme Fun Center. Watching tag scenes recorded in those familiar centers on the screen really tugged at my heart.

So, if you want a peek at a couple of the Tampa area’s premiere laser tag locations, two of which are no longer in operation to play, then I encourage you to watch this film with your eyes focused on the background and the location shots filmed inside these classic arenas. Or if you want to watch a story of a laser tag playing alien princess with a bit higher production value then by all means go onto YouTube and find yourself an episode of Photon. ;)

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