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There’s a Pack with My Name on It…Literally!

Having played laser tag in more than 365 arenas, I have been fortunate to have a lot of unique experiences. However, earlier today I was given a distinct privilege at one local arena which I have never been offered anywhere else. Apex Entertainment in Albany, NY just honored me by permanently naming a pack after me! When you walk into that site you can pick from among the variety of pack names, now including Tivia!

This was a really amazing and completely unexpected thing to have happen. It was suggested by the staff following one game where I played (and won) a free for all against all the available staff in the building, which earned me some big props from a couple of the best players (including TJ and Zavea) who wanted to put me to the test and see if I could rise to the challenge with that group. I must say, they gave me a great game! We all had a blast and when they all unanimously decided that I should have my own pack at this arena and asked manager J.J. to make it happen I was really blown away!

Apex Entertainment has been very supportive of me in the past and is one of my go-to places to drop by for a game whenever I am in Albany. From hosting my very first Tag 4 A Cause event to being my destination site this past International Laser Tag Day (at their Marlborough location), they have been wonderful to work with and I have had quite a few memorable experiences with Apex, but this one definitely takes the cake!

Usually when a player refers to “my pack” they are simply referencing a favorite pack that they just gravitate to every time (and I think most dedicated players have had that experience at some point), but since this is a non-membership site, the idea that I can walk in at anytime and see my code name on “my pack” is really special. And the idea that other people might potentially make that same connection to this pack and that it might be part of special laser tag experiences and be a name they remember (just like I fondly remember my Legend, Rocket and Eliminator packs) is very cool. Also, I have to smile at the idea that a pack called “Tivia” exists in an arena alongside a pack coincidentally called “Warlord” (my previous go-to pack at this site) because it makes me feel like I have just added a tiny little piece to the Photon history…that connection is a little random, but it will play well to a few people. :) Thank you to Apex Entertainment Albany for the honor of knowing that whenever I visit this arena there will be a pack with my name on it…literally!

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