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This Is How You Do It

I left Las Vegas to spend a couple of days in California and my first stop was to the Monarch Fun Zone in Victorville, CA where I met the owners, Brian and his son Bailey. They told me this business only re-opened a week and a half ago.

They are new owners who took it over from the bowling alley next door and they had been renovating the arena a bit during the shutdown, which hit California laser tag businesses particularly hard and kept them closed longer than sites in other parts of the country. They told me this site has been continuously operating with Lazer Runner equipment since 2007 and that the equipment still works well for them, but during the shutdown they wanted to revamp the inside to give it a new look.

However, when things are shut down for so long how can you make aesthetic upgrades that improve the look of you arena without using a pro designer or spending a lot to achieve some style? THIS is how you do it!

The arena at Monarch Fun Zone is proof that you can have an eye catching arena design without breaking the bank. Look what they did with nothing more than a repaint and some neon tape! With a simple, but incredibly effective technique they added some unique geometric designs to their walls and the result is fantastic!

These designs really pop under the black lights and give it an 80s nostalgic feel that I like. I’m a DIY girl and I think this looks really impressive and definitely dressed up the walls around the typical Lazer Runner structures that make up the main body of the maze.

It’s not unusual to find this same arena structure in a site that has had the Lazer Runner equipment for a long time, but what was unique was the floor plan and how the arena played. This is honestly the best Lazer Runner arena I’ve been in recently…maybe ever. The flow of the arena is intuitive, but still allows for some challenge and plays well.

Bases are located in each corner and do have a bit of coverage depending on the angle from which you come at it.

The game played very smoothly and I really had a great time. Based on my previous travels, if I was looking for the best place in the local California area specifically for Lazer Runner I think I would say that Monarch Fun Zone is it!

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