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Weekend Highlights

I’m always appreciative whenever this blog gets a mention in an industry publication. My thanks go out once again to RePlay Magazine for including a bit about my talk at the Laser Tag Convention round table discussion in their most recent August 2021 issue. They included a very nice article about the event in their coverage of last month’s Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. Reading this was actually the second cool thing to happen to me this weekend.

What was the first? This weekend I returned to Apex Entertainment in Albany where I had the surreal experience of walking into a regular public game session, taking a look around the briefing room and finding the pack that is now called “Tivia” right there on the rack, ready for any player to pick.

I’ve gotta say, pulling this pack off the rack for the first time really was a pretty cool moment. Having them name this pack after me in the first place was a wonderful surprise last weekend and getting to use it in a game for the first time this week was equally memorable.

I played several games over the course of the night including one with this formidable group!

When I laser tag at Apex I am prepared to play appropriately with any group that shows up, knowing full well that might mean I’m playing with a family group or some younger players. At those times I do not play hard. It is far more important for everyone to have a good time, so instead I just play for accuracy in those situations. Following one such game I walked out with 100% accuracy, which impressed a few staff members and I appreciated the amazed reactions I received for that percentage. Those games are where the business thrives, but for me nothing is more fun than having the more experienced staff members give me a good challenge and go in playing hard. My thanks to the crew who joined me for a couple of those games as well, so I could properly initiate the Tivia pack with some exciting games and some really close scores.

Ok, and now for one more weekend highlight…I completed my 250 mile Summer Warrior Challenge! Although not specific to laser tag, I did earn a few of these miles inside an arena, so I think it warrants a mention here as well.

It’s ironic that I’m finished writing about my weekend highlights when (at present) it’s only Saturday morning, but other obligations may keep me from getting out to play any more laser tag this weekend. However, I am already working on some other exciting things that will be ready to share before too long. Get ready!

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