An Interview at the Laser Quest Home Office

I had a wonderful opportunity this past weekend to meet with Laser Quest North America president Theresa Stairs and vice president Jeff Morris at their home office in Mississauga, ON, Canada. After driving about five and a half hours from New York I was really looking forward to seeing what the atmosphere was like inside the office building. Theresa met me at the door and we made our introductions before being joined by Jeff and as they showed me to their conference room where they had such a nice surprise waiting for me… Seeing this banner up on the wall just left me speechless! What an amazing welcome! I’ve been communicating for awhile now with marketing manager Colleen who helped to coor

Q-Zar Toledo

Let's talk about a really impressive arena...the new and tremendously improved Q-Zar Toledo! I had previously played at this site in July of 2016. At that time Q-Zar Toledo looked completely different as you can see in this brief blog post with pictures taken when I was last there a couple of years ago... However, since then it has been purchased, renovated and revitalized by Erik Guthrie who has certainly built it into a showpiece arena with his understanding of how the details make the difference between something average versus something really extraordinary. Amber and I went to play some Helios Pro and che

Friends at Funagin's

One of the best parts of playing laser tag is that I have been able to develop friendships with people all over the country. It never ceases to amaze me that almost everywhere I go there is a tag friend somewhere in the nearby vicinity. Even as far away as California and Hawaii I have found friends through laser tag that I can reach out to whenever I'm traveling out their way. After I left Michigan I headed south towards Toledo, which was close enough for Amber from the Ascendance team to make a trip from Indiana so we could play some tag together again. This was really so nice because we have not seen each other since our team played at Battle For The Fort in 2016. So we decided to meet up

Finding Myself in the Auto "Zone"

It probably should have dawned on me way sooner than it did that the auto themes I discovered during my next two stops were likely a tribute to being in such close proximity to the Motor City. You see, I bounced from the Fun Garage in Canton, MI over to Rev'd Up Fun in Wood Haven, both with prominent automotive themes and also running versions of Zone laser tag. I stopped by the Fun Garage first. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by manager John who did not know I was coming, but immediately took note of my Zero Gravity (Albany Zone site) t-shirt and was familiar with the location. I was surprised and impressed by that! He was kind enough to walk me to the arena and make sur

Zap Zone x 2 - Back To Back in Canton and Farmington

I visited two Zap Zone locations back to back while in Michigan and had two totally different experiences, which was really cool for the sake of comparison. I had just assumed that because there are several in the area that they must be a franchise that would basically be quite similar, but visiting the Canton location first followed by the Farmington site gave me a real appreciation for the unique differences between the two. In order to get to all the arenas I wanted I had to start out early on Saturday. I've done enough of these trips to realize that the likelihood of just showing up and finding a game ready to go first thing in the morning is slim, but I've often times gotten to play bet

Just Enough Time To Escape

I had just enough time before the end of the night to make my way over to Escape, a bowling alley with bar/grille and a nice little two level laser tag arena in Troy, MI. I called ahead and Anna assured me there would be a game to join when I arrived, so I made my way to the site and got there in time to join a group that included a few patrons and a couple of employees. Not pictured in the photo (because he was taking the picture for us) was one employee (and I apologize for not catching his name) who decided to go rogue. While three of the ladies teamed up on blue and I went on red with Anna and Nikki, with seven players we had an odd number of players. I suggested that this guy might do w


As ridiculous as this may sound, I somewhat deliberately opted NOT to return to this site until now simply because until just recently I struggled with how to count it on my list. I played here when it was Laser Edge, totally skipped over the whole interesting era in between and this weekend I returned to Clinton Township, MI to play this site, now under a new name and ownership as Revolution Laser Tag. This is a Laserforce site that many of my friends in Syracuse have play fairly frequently. At this point I've established some new parameters for how I will count arenas that I've played in different incarnations like this one. I won't count it twice, but I will recognize that it has gone thr

Previewing Helios 2 Before the "Launch"

When I heard that the laser tag arena at Launch Trampoline Park of Lansing, MI was on track to have the first completed installation in the United States of the new Zone Helios 2 system I immediately made plans to travel to Michigan so I could be among the first people in the nation to play. Little did I know that there was actually a race to first with arenas in Texas and New Jersey having installation completed just hours after Lansing! But these three are all among the very first Helios 2 sites in the country and even though another arena was technically open to the public first, I still think it is amazing to say that I got to play at the first installed Helios 2 site in the U.S. which m

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