Talking Tag on the Bob and Sheri Oddcast

I had a really cool opportunity this morning. I was invited to talk about laser tag on the Bob and Sheri Oddcast, which is a podcast extension of their nationally syndicated radio show. You can listen to the program here... Many thanks to Bob and Sheri for having me on the Oddcast which is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts to follow. 😊 You can continue to keep up with their show at Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

One Brief, Fleeting Moment

I was back in Syracuse playing Laserforce the other night when something happened that momentarily had me really happily surprised...but it was short lived. Tom and Aaron were hanging back in the vesting room signing in using the computer when I had scanned my card and started walking into the arena. From behind me I hear them call out "Tivia, you're a level seven?" I answer that, no, I am a level six. Level six is generally regarded as the highest level (Laser Master), but those who know are aware that there is actually something above that, however it is incredibly rare to achieve the level seven. It requires maintaining a ridiculously high average (not just a few games...bear in mind the

Newspaper Interview About Me Laser Tagging America

I was surprised and flattered when I found out that Jacob Mann, a reporter for the Frontiersman newspaper in Alaska had come out to the Extreme Fun Center to interview me about my laser tag goal to play in all 50 states. He wrote such a nice article and I am very appreciative that he took the time to cover my visit. Here is the article… Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

Tagging In Alaska

I am serious about my goal to play laser tag in all 50 states and figured I may never be closer to Alaska than I was on this west coast trip so I boarded a flight to Anchorage and then rented a car to get me to Wasilla and the Extreme Fun Center. I had called up to the center a couple of times in advance to make certain that if I could work out the logistics that I’d be able to play even though I would be getting there on a Wednesday evening. However, I never imagined what an experience I would have once I arrived. No sooner did I get there than I was told a game was going right in and I was shown to the briefing room. To my pleasant surprise there was a good quality group of players in the

Tactical Tag at Virtual Sports

When I called over to Virtual Sports in Tukwila, WA I talked with Sandra who invited me to come over and try a game of tactical with a group of some of their top tactical tag players. Who could say no to that? So I walked in and met a great group of players and staffers who gave me a briefing on the iCombat equipment and the game formats we would play in their arena tonight. Before going in I got a chance to check out their equipment. I was given vest 37 with an irM4 and headband sensor. Then we went into the arena for four game rounds. The first round was Team Death Match which was basically just points for targeting members of the other team. Get shot out, go back to base to respawn. Much

Something Different

Family Fun Center of Tukwila may have been the second Family Fun Center I had played in two days, but to the best of my memory this was the first site I have ever visited with this particular generation of the Lasertron equipment. I must admit, I’m really not sure which version of Lasertron had these tinted plastic covers. Typically I see a clear cover target on the front of the pack. But the great thing about writing a blog like this is that inevitably someone out there sees it and emails to educate me when I am not certain about something with the game or the equipment, so I do invite anyone who knows to clarify for me which generation of Lasertron this is. For now we’ll just call it “gene

Thou Shalt Not Be A Birthday Basher

One of the cardinal rules of laser tag (or at least it should be) is don’t ever be a birthday basher or play hard against kids if you end up in a game with little ones. Occasionally you might find yourself in a game with young players and this is NOT a place to play intensely. Rather it is an opportunity to be a role model and be helpful until you are in a more appropriate game to play for real. Teenagers and adults can give you a fair game, but when the game involves a group of children you should only encourage and help those kids to have a good time playing the game and never go full out if you are an experienced player. That being said, sometimes you can’t really pick the group you play

Laser Fun Zone

The Laser Fun Zone in Lacey, WA opened a little later in the day so I had to backtrack a bit to get there to play some Helios. Although it was mid-afternoon by the time I got there it was still too early to find other players there so I asked the two guys behind the counter if one of them might go 1v1 against me. Mitchell and Leland said sure and asked which one I wanted to play against. When Leland also volunteered that he had some police training I said absolutely I wanted to play against him. So we vested up. He knew the arena well, but I had a kind of sixth sense for which direction he was going to go and I was definitely on my game. I’m not sure, but I may have even tired him out some b

An Odyssey of the Force

The first arena I visited once I arrived in Washington was Odyssey-1 in Tacoma, WA. The owner, Barry, was there at the site when I arrived and seemed very interested in my goal when I explained to him a bit about my blog and my journey. I appreciated him working things out and even joining me for a game of Laserforce while I was there. I chatted with Barry and a staff member named William about my experience with the game. They asked me what level I had achieved and both seemed pretty impressed with my level 6 status. It’s interesting how in Syracuse I take it for granted that just about everybody who plays a lot inevitably ends up becoming a level 6, but sometimes playing at other sites rem

Delta Strike? YNOT?

I am definitely glad I had a chance to play some Delta Strike on this trip as that is probably one of the systems I get to experience the least. When I learned about YNOT Have Fun LaserPort in Beaverton, OR I thought they were listed as a Tron site. Well, that was accurate only up until quite recently when they switched over their system to Delta Strike. When I discovered this I also realized that by the time I completed my next stop I would have played six different laser tag systems in one day without repeating any of the systems. I love some tag variety! There was a group intending to play, but they opted for dinner in the bar and grill first, so that gave me a chance to get a tour of the

Snake Eggs and Other Cool Things About Wunderland

There are three cool things that really stood out to me during my visit to Wunderland of Gresham, OR…the incredibly affordable price per game, the absolutely GORGEOUS western theme arena and the snake eggs. Let’s talk about this really fun Laserforce site. First of all, when I bought my ticket for the 9:00 PM game I was ready to pay a typical tag price (usually it's around $7 or $8 dollars for a single game). However, the cost for an individual game here was only $4.25. I was surprised it was so low so I asked if I was catching some kind of weeknight special discount. The guy behind the counter told me that no, $4.25 was their regular price and if I showed up on their discount night it would

Super Time at Superplay (and then The Fog Rolls In)

On so many levels I think playing some Helios at Superplay was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed the uniquely structured elongated arena, cool lighting and my favorite game. This arena is clearly divided in half along a red side and a blue side. That made for an interesting game as the maze was a little more unique than some. And they had one more unique feature too…at least I really hope this is unique to this side of the country. This was the second time ever (and second time on this trip) when I had found myself blasted with a spray of fog immediately after deactivating the base. This is the only thing I didn’t enjoy and since I have not encountered this anywhere but on my trip I decided

Family Fun for Moose and Squirrel

I’m just joking around with that title because the name of my next stop was Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant of Wilsonville, OR. Actually this Lasertron arena inside the fun center was called Laszer Xtreme and was just one of many attractions at this site which is part of a chain of fun centers in the area. For this game Tiviachick got to play with the other laser chicks from this center and we enjoyed some partners team Lasertron. It was a light game with a balanced effort towards taking the bases. The arena was small, but I liked that this meant less running and more game play. Actually, I think we all appreciated that. 😊 And it was definitely a good time playing with these l

Arr...Pirate Time

Pietro’s Pirate Adventure is actually located inside a pizzeria in Salem, OR. With Hyper Blast as their system I was ready to play, but again, timing is everything. At this stop they have an incredibly experienced staff and the manager said if I could wait about 15 minutes one of their best players would be able to go in for a game. So I waited on Makenna who momentarily hesitated to play against me because (to quote her) “If I go in you know I’m going to win” she said loudly and matter-of-factly. Well, this confidence was exactly why I wanted to play against her. I think it’s great to play against experienced players, but especially a young woman who is confident in her abilities too. I sus

Paintball Palace

The timing of my travels into Oregon had me passing by the Paintball Palace in Eugene, OR a little earlier in the day. This place is predominantly an indoor paintball arena (as you could probably figure from their name), but they do offer Laser Runner in a small arena upstairs. I chatted with the owner, Kurt, who was kind enough to treat me to a game. He says that while paintball is their main business he put in the laser tag so that younger kids could come in to play also while their older siblings or parents might be enjoying the paintball. He wanted to make sure there was something for all asges so nobody would feel left out of a game. I think that is a really fantastic reason for adding

The Most Unusual Arena I Have Ever Seen

I paid a visit to Oasis Fun Center in Shasta Lake, CA and was expecting a pretty typical game of Hyper Blast. However, what I was not expecting was such an unusual arena! This arena was essentially nothing but ramps. No open space and no maze to speak of. Just lots of ramps. I’ll draw a picture from memory as best I can since the photos do not really do it justice. If you look carefully you can see the outlines of the ramp area the inclines upward. This was really interesting to me. When I mentioned to the game master that I thought this was the most unusual arena I had ever seen he said “Really? How so?” like perhaps this was the only arena he had ever been in and didn’t know what was more

Laser Tag Throughout the Entire Building!

One of my favorite stops along my route was to Millennium Family Entertainment in Yuba City, CA. This center is owned by two sisters, Sara and Amy, and when the game master (or I think they called him a laser commander) heard what I had been doing during my travels he made sure to introduce me to Sara and the rest of the staff right away. It was great to really “talk tag” with her and share some of my journey with them. She wanted to coordinate a really good game experience for me so in addition to some walk in adult players she rounded up some of the best players in the building and we vested up for some Helios. We played a really great game with better than expected competition in a beauti

Xtreme Craze

As soon as I saw the sign above the entrance to Xtreme Craze I suspected there must be an affiliation with the Laser Craze site I had played in the Boston area. I was right! They told me family members of the owners do in fact own that site, which explains the familiar feel of the place when I walked in. I was ready for some Lasertron and got into a game almost immediately. I vested up and then checked out the game modes we would be playing with today including Force Field, Super Rapid and Bonus modes. Then we entered a typical Tron arena with some really nice spacescape black light artwork on the walls. When I commented on the art one of the game masters said that if I liked the briefing ro


I was so excited to get to play Q-Zar in an actual Q-Zar arena in Concord, CA. Up until this point the only places I’ve had the opportunity to play are in ‘geddon events where RNT sets up the equipment in whatever space is available or possibly just messing around with the packs in the Warehouse lobby. So this was a stop that I was really looking forward to. I got to play against an incredibly confident group of college aged/young adult players who clearly spend some time here. They were competitive and both teams were ready to go in to win. I watched the real Q-Zar briefing video for the first time. I wondered when this video might have been made as it looked really current considering this


Mother always tells you if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…so this post may be short. The nicest thing I can say about my experience at Lost Worlds Adventures in Livermore was that at least the laser tag equipment works. And perhaps my experience there is not the norm, but on the particular day I visited it did leave me a little cold. Now to keep things positive, they do have a really cool dinosaur theme all throughout their business, so I will give props for aesthetic and design. This was clearly a high traffic kids party location. However the issues I had include the following, that again (benefit of the doubt) could have just been the result of my showing up at a b

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